Dichter backs Olmert over Winograd

At ceremony for new police chief, notes that PM recently juggled six portfolios.

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Public Security Minister Avi Dichter stepped up to bat for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at the swearing-in ceremony for new Israel Police Chief Insp.-Gen. Dudi Cohen, saying in his speech that despite the criticism from the Winograd Committee's interim report, it was important to recall that Olmert had managed to juggle six portfolios over the past several months. "I've seen you since the publication of the [Winograd] report, and I hear the criticism on the subject of your leadership," Dichter said. "I want to remind everyone of the day that you started your job as acting prime minister when [former prime minister Ariel] Sharon collapsed…. I remind you that ministers left the government due to political considerations, and you took on some six additional portfolios." "I hope anyone who criticizes your leadership today remembers those five months. I remember them well," he said.
During the ceremony, Olmert said that incoming police chief Cohen must continue the police fight against corruption. "It is very important that you do not forget even for one moment - don't hesitate and don't shy away from maintaining the Israel Police's function to enforce the law and fight corruption … without fear or bias and with all your power."