Drunk driver convicted of killing 6

28-year-old convicted of manslaughter after running red light under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday convicted 28-year-old Yehud resident Yaron Bracha of six counts of manslaughter for driving through a red light while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He was driving over 170 km/h when he collided with an oncoming vehicle, killing six people, including his twin brother Eyal. Judge Edna Adler Kaplan ruled that his testimony which claimed that he did not drive the vehicle in question and that he did not remember anything from the accident was not admissible in court. Despite his initial testimony, as the case unfolded and he was re-examined it became evident that he was in fact the driver of the car. Nevertheless, he did not plead guilty. After the accident, while he was admitted to hospital and unconscious, various medical tests were taken without his permission. A legal argument ensued during the case as to whether or not the specimens should be admissible in court. In the end, the judge ruled that only the blood samples would be admissible. After the judge heard testimonies, saw evidence, and decided that Bracha's testimony was not admissible, she decided to convict Bracha of six counts of manslaughter.