Druse leaders to ask police to remove forces from Peki'in

Representatives of the Forum of Druse and Circassian Council Heads told Israel Radio Wednesday they would ask the Northern District police commander to remove all police roadblocks from the entrances to Peki'in and to disperse police forces stationed around the village. They added that they would demand that the government form an investigative committee, chaired by a judge, to look into police conduct during Tuesday's riots in Peki'in. Clashes erupted early Tuesday between Peki'in villagers and police when approximately 200 border policemen, Yasam anti-terror officers and regular police entered the village to arrest seven local youths suspected of involvement in earlier acts of civil disorder, protesting a cellular phone antenna that was placed on the roof of a chicken coop in neighboring Moshav Peki'in. More than 30 people were wounded in the riots, including at least 16 police officers. On Wednesday, five of the wounded were still being treated at Nahariya hospital while the rest had been released.