East J'lem resident caught with ammo

6,000 bullets hidden inside electrical appliances on truck en route to Gaza.

erez crossing 298 ap (photo credit: AP [file])
erez crossing 298 ap
(photo credit: AP [file])
The IDF uncovered a hoard of ammunition hidden inside a truck at the Karni crossing overnight Sunday. Six thousand 5.56 mm. bullets - used in M-16s and other rifles - were found when troops examined the truck, which was allegedly transferring electrical appliances from Ramallah to the Gaza Strip, the army announced Monday morning. The bullets were found inside a washing machine, an oven and two VCRs. All of the equipment was new and in its original packaging upon the arrival of the soldiers. Sappers were alerted to the scene and were examining the other goods in the truck. The driver, a resident of east Jerusalem, was arrested and detained for questioning. According to the suspect, he had been asked to transfer the electrical appliances to the Gaza Strip as part of his work for a moving company. The owner of the moving company was also taken in for questioning. Earlier Monday, Palestinians resumed rocket attacks on Israel, firing a total of six Kassams into the western Negev. No one was wounded, and no damage was reported in the attacks, which disrupted several days of relative calm.
  • New entry! BlogCentral: Living with Rockets Most of the rockets landed in open areas. One landed in a field outside Kibbutz Nir Am, near Sderot, damaging several trees; another landed near the front gate of the kibbutz. A third rocket fell close to a Negev community, and a fourth landed in open territory. The last two rockets had yet to be found. The Quds Brigade, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility for the strikes. Earlier Monday, Palestinian terrorists fired several mortar shells at the western Negev. No casualties were reported. In related news, one of Sweden's best-known politicians visited Sderot on Monday. Birgitta Ohlsson, from Sweden's Liberal party, was scheduled to be in the western Negev from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Ohlsson is a strong opponent of lifting the EU ban on contacts with Hamas unless it recognizes Israel's right to exist. Sderot students were expected to sit their Monday matriculation exams in civil studies in the town of Ofakim in light of the attacks. Meanwhile, IDF troops arrested 21 Palestinian fugitives in the West Bank overnight. The detainees included 14 Hamas members. In Nablus, Palestinians opened fire at IDF troops who were operating in the area. There were no casualties or damage. Late Sunday evening, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at an Israeli car driving near the Arab village Ur A-Tahta on Route 443, the road from Jerusalem to Modi'in. No one was wounded in the incident.