Eitan vows to focus on pensioner's issues

Gil Pensioners Party Chairman Rafi Eitan, who led his party to an astounding seven mandates for the 17th Knesset, promised to focus on the issue that got him there. "People chose for me for a specific issue, thus I have no choice but to concentrate on one thing, the pensioners," he said in a Channel 1 interview Wednesday night. "First we will take care of the pensioners, before anything else." Eitan was non-committal about coalition options, but said he believed that his party would not be a deciding factor. "According to consultations I have held, we won't be the ones to decide the composition of any future coalition," said the former Mossad agent. Regarding his connection to the Jonathan Pollard affair, in which he was allegedly the man who ran Pollard's US activities and denied him sanctuary in the Israeli Consulate, Eitan said he would "try his best" to free pollard from prison. "I very much want to see that man free, its true that I don't like to fail."