Eldad: Gush Etzion car-sticker program is start of next evacuation

eldad arye 88 (photo credit: )
eldad arye 88
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Settlers on Friday protested the extension of the IDF car sticker program for settlers of Gush Etzion by holding a protest on the side of the Tunnel Road. MK Aryeh Eldad, who was at the protest, said the stickers "are the start of the next evacuation. It will make it easier for the IDF to uproot settlers." Gush Etzion Regional Council head Shaul Goldstein dismissed Eldad's claims as "ridiculous." He said he supported the program. which allows for easy passage through checkpoints. Goldstein said he saw no difference between the IDF sticker and stickers that grant access to parking areas or any other car-related travel. The IDF said that the stickers were merely a technical matter that allowed soldiers to identify settler cars at checkpoints. It has been distributing such stickers to communities in Samaria for the last several months and is now extending the program to Gush Etzion. Eldad said that technically the stickers did have a pragmatic purpose, but the implication is that the settlers are going over a border. The sticker is just the symptom of the disease by which the government is creating a "border between Judea and Samaria and the Green line," he said.