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Hotlines for tourists and residents; Latest Home Front Command instructions.

hotline phone 88 (photo credit: )
hotline phone 88
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  • Home Front Command instructions: English Russian French Spanish
  • Psychological support, provided by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, Sela (03-5107750), and Natal: 1-255-081-010 Service available in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Amharic
  • Information and help for tourists In light of the situation in the North, a hotline for tourists and industry professionals operated by the Tourism Ministry has been opened to attend to tourists' and industry questions. The hot line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Service is available in English, French, Hebrew and other languages. Information regarding flights, travel within the country, hotels, group tours and more can be provided. The hot line is available to those still overseas planning to travel to Israel, tourists in the country, to Israelis traveling domestically, as well as to tourism professionals. Representatives from the Tourism Ministry, Israel Hotel Association, airlines, Tour Guide Associations, Parks Authority, rental car agencies and volunteers man the hot line. The hot line can be reached by dialing 03-520-7600 (+972-3-5207600 from abroad). Inquiries may also be faxed (+972-3-5207612/5) or e-mailed ([email protected]). Round-the-clock service is also provided at the tourist information office at Ben-Gurion International Airport.
  • Information for residents of North The National Insurance Institute has set up special hotline for residents in the North who have questions about receiving welfare benefits. The hotline will answer questions of people who have been injured or lost family member in the current crisis. Additionally, representatives of the NII will work together with social workers in hospitals to make sure that those who need it get help. For residents of northern and southern communities who have fled to safety in the center of the country, collecting benefits has been simplified. Those who receive government benefits will now be able to collect them at any post office branch. If a person does not have their NII details with them, they can visit the nearest NII branch. The number of the hotline is 1-800-25-25-88. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The NII information line will also answer questions, it can be reached on 08-650-999 or 08-936-9696.