Families take their case to Supreme Court

Two-and-a-half months after their evacuation from Neveh Dekalim, Ella and David Hoffman have still not received their NIS 50,000 compensation advance, despite its approval on September 25, after they declined to sign additional documentation stating the date they left Gush Katif. The Hoffmans are among 200 evacuees families who have taken their case to the Supreme Court on the grounds that the request for their departure date is irrelevant to the application for the advance. "The authorities know exactly when they destroyed our homes," Ella Hoffman told the Post. "We are entitled to this compensation, and the extra requests are just an excuse to delay payment and add to our misery." Disengagement Authority spokesman Haim Altman responded that the Kav Rakiah option was still open, negotiations were taking place and authority was waiting for a decision from all the members of the community. He said he was unable to comment on the Hoffman's case since the matter was now in the courts.
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