Family of teen victim Liz Trubeshi: She was at the center only by chance

The immediate family of 17-year-old Liz Trubeshi, the second victim of Saturday night's attack, remained in their home Sunday and asked to be left alone by the media. But some family members and friends did talk. "This is very difficult for me," Trubeshi's aunt, Silvi Shalom, told Web site NRG. "Liz was a wonderful and beautiful child, with blue eyes... she was a little girl who hadn't done anything to anybody." "She was the victim of an insane, crazy person, and we don't know how to carry on," Shalom said. "We just can't grasp it." Shalom said she did not believe her niece had been involved with the gay and lesbian community. "I know she was just passing by and had no connection to that," she said. Another family member told the Web site, "It's important to me that you stress that she was only there by chance." "She was one of the most charming people [I know]," a friend told Ma'ariv. "She loved to write. She was very creative." She also stated that Liz was not a lesbian. "She didn't have anything against it, on the contrary - she was very supportive and that's why she was there," she said. "There are a lot of straight people who come to show support." Trubeshi's funeral took place Sunday night in Holon.