Father of slain soldier: Don't blame officer for my son's death

Noam Levy's parents urge media not to blame the man who accidentally killed their son last week.

noam levy soldier killed 248 88 (photo credit: IDF spokesman)
noam levy soldier killed 248 88
(photo credit: IDF spokesman)
A day after OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Gadi Shamni ousted a deputy company commander from the Duchifat Battalion for accidentally killing St.-Sgt. Noam Levy during an operation last week in Bir Zeit, north of Ramallah, the soldier's parents urged the media not to blame his commander. "We do not want the officer, who is 21 years old and is doing a tough job, to be blamed in the headlines," said David Levy, father of the slain infantryman. Originally from Canada, the Levy family moved to Israel some 15 years ago and lives in Mitzpe Netofa in the North. On Tuesday, Shamni decided to remove the deputy company commander from his position and discharge him from the IDF. According to the investigation, the deputy company commander was engaged in a physical struggle with a Palestinian rioter last Thursday when he accidentally discharged his weapon. Shamni also reprimanded the company's commander and barred him from any command position for two years. According to David Levy, during a visit to his home in Mitzpe Netofa, Shamni explained that the officer's punishment was not connected to the shooting. "The general told us that there was no connection between the shooting and the punishment," Levy said. "He made very clear to us that there is no connection between the gunshot and the punishment and that the release of a bullet during this type of action is a recognized risk."