Forged official Israeli document reached Interpol

A forged document was submitted to Interpol's Russian headquarters, purportedly by the Justice Ministry of Israel, requesting information on Russian-born Israeli tycoon Arkady Gaydamak. The document, carrying the emblem and signature of Yitzhak Bloom, head of the Justice Ministry's International Affairs Department, contained a request to receive information on Gaydamak's business relations in Russia and ongoing investigations against him there. Despite the date of the request, October 19th 2006, State Attorney Eran Shendar became aware of the existence of the document only recently. Shendar turned to Bloom to confirm his authorizing the document and Bloom said the document did not originate with him or with any other employee in the Justice Ministry's International Affairs Department. Shendar concluded that the document was forged and said that its existence was harmful to Israel and the justice system. Police began investigations to locate the origin of the document.