Former OC S. Command: Diskin remarks 'scandalous'

Former OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Yom Tov Samia (Res) said Tuesday that Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) chief Yuval Diskin committed a grave mistake in convening a press conference the previous day in which he exposed the information possessed by the security services. "It is scandalous that head of the Shin Bet conducts a press conference like this," Sami told Israel Radio. Sami added that Diskin must do what he needs but not be a television commentator. "He needs to do this in the appropriate forum," he said, adding that if the security services were aware of new information Diskin needed to make a decision, "but it is inconceivable that the fight against information like this lies in convening a press conference in which he gives Hamas and Hizbullah his opinion on the situation, he exclaimed. Diskin said Monday that Hizbullah had successfully smuggled 33 tons of explosives into the Gaza Strip. He also revealed that Hamas had smuggled 30 tons of high-grade explosives from Sinai into Gaza in 2006. Hamas, Diskin added, was currently in the midst of digging 10 tunnels from the Gaza Strip and under the security fence into Israel. Diskin sadi that a plan needed to be drawn up while taking into account the power struggle that was occurring between Hamas and Fatah. "We mustn't get involved," he said, "otherwise we will ruin everything."