Gaza explosion victim regains consciousness

Rania Niham, the woman who was seriously injured in the Gaza beach explosion on June 9, regained consciousness at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) on Tuesday, but the hospital said she remains in serious condition. Niham suffered serious damage to her abdomen and upper limbs, with cuts all over her body as a result of the surgical intervention performed on her at Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The Tel Aviv hospital said that no shrapnel was found in her body, except for one piece that was not reachable by surgery and would have to be left there. The damage to her body was "without doubt" caused by shrapnel; Israeli authorities say the chances are "one-in-a-billion" that she was hurt by an Israeli missile. In most cases, some shrapnel remains in the victim's body and stays there for the rest of his life, the hospital said.