Golan Heights fire burns 13,000 dunams

Firefighters gain control of blaze after 30 hours; expect to put flames out completely as weather improves; fire started accidentally by hikers.

A fire raging in the southern Golan Heights burned some 13,000 dunams on Saturday before firefighters gained control of the blaze. The fire is no longer spreading and fire teams expected to put the flames out completely by Sunday morning.
The blaze broke out on Friday morning when a fire lit by hikers got out of control and began to spread uncontrollably.
IDF drill causes fire in Golan

The fire did not lead to any injuries or damage any property. Residents in surrounding areas complained they could not leave there homes due to the massive amounts of smoke created by the fire.
Firefighters were aided by water drops from airplanes to douse the flames. Fire officials estimated that improving weather conditions should aid them in putting the flames out completely.