Gov't okays temporary housing for evacuees

65 temporary housing units will be built in Moshav Amatzya to house Gaza evacuees.

gaza settlers 88 (photo credit: )
gaza settlers 88
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The Ministerial Disengagement Committee Wednesday approved the construction of 65 temporary housing units in Moshav Amatzya in the Lachish region to house evacuees from Katif and Neveh Dekalim, formerly of Gush Katif. The committee allocated NIS 26 million for the temporary housing, with the plan being for the temporary homes to be replaced by permanent ones. "There is no doubt that settling the southern region is of critical importance, and steps like these contribute much to the development of the region," Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said at the meeting. Ilan Cohen, the director-general of the Prime Minister's Office, told the committee "the vast majority of the [Gush Katif] residents will remain in their communities." The evacuees have been adamant about wanting to remain together as integrated communities. The committee also approved infrastructure development Wednesday for two permanent communities in the Halutza area in the western Negev. This plan calls for the preparation of 2,000 dunam of agricultural land for hot houses, as well as roadwork and setting up the infrastructure for water and electricity. These two communities are intended primarily for evacuees from Atzmona and Netzarim. According to his office, Sharon directed the disengagement authority to come up with a plan that would grant financial incentives for employers to hire Gush Katif evacuees who have not yet found work. He also called on Cohen to put together a program to provide work for evacuees in government companies. The committee also decided to come up with a plan to provide government aid for 30 families from Gush Katif interested in going into the bed-and-breakfast industry in Moshav Bustan Hagalil in the Galilee.