'Guard sexually harassed by her commander in the Knesset'

A female member of the Knesset Guard told police that she was sexaully harrassed by her commander, Channel 10 reported Monday. The girl said that the commander forcibly kissed her in a room inside the Knesset and shouted at her when she pushed him away. According to the report, the complainant told Knesset security chief Yitzhak Shadar about the incident a month ago. Nevertheless, Shadar decided not to file a complaint with police but to hold an internal disciplinary hearing instead. Seemingly dissatisfied with the drawn-out process, the girl eventually decided to file a police complaint herself. In response to the Channel 10 report, the Knesset released a statement saying that the girl was told that at any time, she was free to tell police about the incident. Nevertheless, in the 2006 case of Vice Premier Haim Ramon forcibly kissing a female soldier, the victim didn't tell police either, but her commanders filed the complaint for her.