Hagana weapons cache found in Hod Hasharon synagogue

Cleaners discover stash of arms dating back to War of Independence hidden inside wooden crate.

Hod Hasharon cache 248.88 (photo credit: Israel  Police )
Hod Hasharon cache 248.88
(photo credit: Israel Police )
A stash of weapons dating back to the 1948 War of Independence was uncovered at a synagogue in Magdiel, Hod Hasharon on Thursday. Police said the weapons were found hidden on the second floor inside a wooden crate, when workers were cleaning out the area. Sharon Sub-district Police sappers removed the weapons from the building. The synagogue was used as a headquarters by the Haganah during the months preceding the declaration of statehood. The discovery come just over a week after a similar find at a kibbutz in the western Negev. At the end of January, a weapons cache was found at Kibbutz Nirim. According to reports, the cache contained rifles, mortar shells, and explosive materials which were used to defend the kibbutz during the War of Independence.