Hamas spokesman: Captors treating Schalit well

"I think that [Schalit's] captors are treating him well from a medical standpoint", Razi Hamed, a spokesman for Hamas, told Channel 2 shortly after the recording of abducted IDF soldier Gilad Schalit was released. Hamed also commented on the possibility that Hamas and the Israeli government would negotiate the release of Schalit. "We have spoken with many parties on this matter," he said. "Ultimately we wish to reach a deal. If somebody wants to arrive at a resolution, there is the possibility of renewing negotiations on Gilad Schalit." When he was asked about the option that Egypt would assist in renewing talks, Hamed replied that "there is a connection between the Palestinian and Egyptian sides." "I think we will talk to the Egyptian delegation so that they will renew their efforts and resume negotiations." The Hamas spokesman ended the interview on an optimistic note. "I think this tape is a good sign, and Israel should see it as such," he said. "It is possible that an opening is being created and we will start negotiating."