Hazan claims he is being politically persecuted

MK Yehiel Hazan (Likud) claimed on Thursday that he was being politically persecuted by those who were trying to bring him down. He claimed the police investigation was not proceeding properly, and noted that the state attorney's office had not yet decided whether he should be put on trial, Israel Radio reported. The accusation came one day after the Israel Police National Fraud Squad recommended he be indicted for allegedly trying to steal voting equipment from the Knesset. Hazan was accused of voting twice in a 2003 national budget vote. The equipment, which he allegedly tried to steal, could have served as evidence against him. After it was discovered that he was caught on tape, the Likud MK admitted that he went into the storeroom to examine the voting panels, but denied that he intended to take the central electronic system, or the "brain," as he called it.