HCJ rejects 'dignity' plea on cuts

Rules that cuts in retirement, welfare payments do not harm a person's dignity.

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court gavel 88
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The High Court of Justice ruled on Monday that the budget cuts in retirement and welfare payments did not impede the right to a dignified livelihood. The case, which was presided over by a relatively large panel of seven judges, settled appeals filed three years ago by the Peace and Social Justice Association; the Movement for the War on Poverty; and the Union for Civil Rights against cuts in retirement and welfare payments. "We were unconvinced that the amendment of the law affects a person's self-respect," the court's president, Aharon Barak, wrote in the verdict. "We know that the financial situation of many families in Israel is very difficult and that the poor sector is very large, but we do not think that any person's situation has reached the point of loss of a sense of dignity," the verdict read. The cuts went into effect two years ago and, according to the appellants, took NIS 600 per month away from 100,000 poor families.