Hebron settlers fear evacuation to happen tonight

Right-wing activists in the Hebron 'Beit Hashalom' have Monday evening sent an urgent message to their supporters: "The expulsion forces are on their way to 'Beit Hashalom'."

The settlers in Hebron sent out Monday evening urgent messages to their supporters, claiming IDF and police are preparing to evacuate the building tonight. "Emergency - the destruction and eviction forces have reached 'Beit Hashalom'," stated the message sent to beepers and cell-phones, "everyone is requested to arrive immediately. This is the settlements' moment of trial." The IDF has not confirmed or denied the rumors. The settlers' message continues: "Everyone is called upon to arrive and prevent the disgrace." According to the settlers, police forces and Border Policemen are streaming toward the center of Hebron. The settlers predict the evacuation will take place tonight. Besides the text-messages, youths have began blocking various transportation routes in order to prevent the forces from reaching Hebron. Protesters had blocked the Jerusalem-Dead Sea road next to Mitzpe Yericho. Since the Supreme Court announced that the state may evacuate the building until a final decree on the question of its legal ownership, many right-wing activists have made a stronghold in the locale, and are bracing for the arrival of the IDF and police. Last week, Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced that security forces are attempting to reach an agreement on the evacuation; otherwise, the building will be forcefully evacuated. "If the residents do not willfully leave, the state, enforcing its lawful rule in the West Bank, will have to evacuate them," said Barak, adding: "Any harm toward an official Israeli representative: soldier, policeman or supervisor, is a severe incident, widening the crack harming the gentle fabric of Israeli democracy."