Herzog asks Ben-Eliezer to help push forward Labor primary

Herzog disagrees with veteran politician's call for outside candidate to assume chairmanship, but seeks to enlist support to advance elections.

ben eliezer 311 (photo credit: Eli Neeman)
ben eliezer 311
(photo credit: Eli Neeman)
Welfare and Social Services Minister Isaac Herzog Wednesday evening reacted to Industry, Trade, and Labor Minister Binyamin Ben- Eliezer's call for an outsider candidate to run for the leadership of the Labor Party.
"It's great that Fuad [Ben-Eliezer] understands the need to save the party  and rehabilitate it," said Herzog. "I encourage him to join the effort to move forward the date for internal party elections, though there is no need to find an outside savior. There are capable forces within the party that can save and rehabilitate her."
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The activists want to initiate a process of toppling current chairman Ehud Barak and advancing the next Labor leadership primary, which is currently set for October 2012.
They hope that Ben-Eliezer, 74, would agree to serve as temporary party chairman ahead of the race while Barak remains minister of defense.
“Barak is a malignant tumor on Labor that is killing the party,” said party activist Dani Cohen, who has been a fierce critic of Barak for many years.
“Barak will be remembered for running the party into the toilet. We must get rid of him before he destroys the party and put in a temporary chairman who can get the party ready for the race.”