Hizbullah guerilla treated in Nahariya

Doctor: Patient treated like all patients, his ethnicity is not an issue.

A Hizbullah guerilla who was moderately wounded in battle early Sunday morning was airlifted to an Israeli hospital for treatment. Dr. Daniel Shani, executive director of the hospital in Nahariya, said the guerilla arrived in good condition. "He was brought to us by ambulance at around 5:30 a.m., and his condition was, generally speaking, good. He had an open wound in his right soldier," and other shrapnel wounds elsewhere on his body. With regards to the type of treatment he was receiving, Dr. Shani insisted that it was no different than that of the average Israeli patient. "The ethnicity of the wounded is not important," he said. The doctor also said that the hospital staff received orders from the army that after the prisoner is treated, he will then be transferred to another hospital. This, in an apparent move to distance the prisoner from Israeli soldiers who are currently hospitalized in the same building. The guerilla, 27, from the village of el-Hiam, was being carefully guarded by military police. Consequently, further details about his role in the war were difficult to discern. "We don't know anything about the man," Dr. Shani said. "We are not interrogating our wounded. We are only treating them." A small unit of police had the area secured, allowing pictures of the prisoner and medical updates, but no direct interviews. Reports indicate that this is the first Hizbullah guerilla to be treated in an Israeli hospital. However, there have been a small number of Lebanese citizens that have crossed the border to receive treatment in Israel.