House Committee rejects cancer drugs petition

The Knesset House Committee rejected on Tuesday the petition of Likud MK Danny Naveh to include the cancer-fighting drugs Erbitx and Avastin in the 2006 health basket, by 14 votes to 11. MK Ephraim Sneh (Kadima) accused Naveh and other opposition leaders of using the cancer patients to gain popularity. "I hope that your consciences will soon be clear", Sneh exclaimed. Tensions flared in the meeting prior to the vote with insults flying between the two MKs. Sneh called Naveh "immoral" and queried why Naveh didn't included the medicines when when he was health minister two-and-a-half years ago. The two MKs were unable to maintain control and chairperson Ruhama Avraham was forced to call a 30 minute break.