IAF kills four Islamic Jihad members

Earlier, weapons manufacturer killed in air force factory attack in Gaza Strip.

The IAF attacked a car in the northern Gaza Strip, killing four terror operatives, Palestinian security and medical officials said on Monday. Islamic Jihad said four of its members were killed in the raid. The army confirmed the attack in the Jabalya refugee camp. Earlier, the IAF attacked a metal factory in Gaza, killing one man who IDF sources said was a weapons manufacturer affiliated with Hamas.
  • Cabinet gives IDF green light on targeted killings
  • Sneh's blog: What to do in Gaza On Sunday, the security cabinet granted the IDF a green light to strike at terror chiefs, including politicians, involved in the nonstop Kassam rocket fire on Sderot. Two hours after the cabinet dispersed, IAF aircraft fired a missile at a terrorist cell walking down a street in the Gaza City neighborhood of Sajiya, killing eight and wounding 13. Palestinians said the missile struck the home of Hamas lawmaker Khalil al-Haya. But the IDF said the strike was on the terror cell and it was possible that al-Haya's home was hit by shrapnel. Palestinians said at least six of the dead were al-Haya's relatives. During the cabinet meeting, Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz stressed the importance of striking at the Hamas leadership, claiming the tactic could eventually stop the Kassam attacks. "We need to work in a way that is clear that they will pay a price for all Kassam attacks," Mofaz told The Jerusalem Post in an interview following the cabinet meeting. "The leadership needs to feel hunted and persecuted."