IAF kills two Hamas gunmen in Gaza

Army says men approached fence; Hamas: A third member of special "night guard" patrol was injured.

IAF aircraft killed two Hamas gunmen in an air strike Monday, Hamas and Palestinian doctors said. An IDF spokesman confirmed the attack, saying the gunmen approached the Gaza-Israel security fence near the area of Bureij refugee camp, prompting suspicions they were trying to strike at troops near the border. A third Hamas gunman was seriously injured in the attack, Hamas said. The troops were not located inside the Gaza Strip, according to the army spokesman. The gunmen were members of a "night guard" that patrols the border and includes members of different factions, Hamas said. The force is meant to thwart IDF incursions into the Gaza Strip. Last week, over 20 Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives were killed as the IDF intensified its operations against terrorist infrastructure in Gaza in an attempt to curb rocket and mortar fire from the Strip into northern Israel.