IDF apologizes for botched strike

IAF kills 3 Lebanese troops; intended target was senior Hizbullah official.

The IDF issued an apology to the Lebanese army on Monday after killing one of its officers and two of its soldiers in an airstrike, stressing that the soldiers were not the target of the attack. After declaring a 48-hour suspension of aerial strikes over Lebanon in wake of the Kana attack, the IAF fired missiles at a car suspected to have been carrying a senior Hizbullah official. The target of the attack, the IDF said, was apparently not in the car, as it drove near the coastal city of Tyre. The official, whose name the IDF refused to divulge, was, the military said, involved in direct terror attacks against Israel and posed an imminent threat. Israel stressed that the temporary cessation of airstrikes for 48 hours, which begun at 2 a.m., did not apply to imminent threats.