IDF fires at Palestinian ambulance

The vehicle, according to the army, was behaving in a "suspicious manner."

non mda ambulance 88 (photo credit: )
non mda ambulance 88
(photo credit: )
IDF troops shot a Palestinian ambulance that was carrying a pregnant woman in labor early Saturday because the vehicle was behaving in a "suspicious manner," the army said. Israeli troops, in Nablus to arrest wanted militants, fired at the ambulance as it approached them, hitting a headlight, the army said. The Palestinian driver of the ambulance and his assistant said no one was hurt, but the ambulance's engine was damaged by the gunfire. They said they had to call another ambulance to take the pregnant woman to the hospital. The ambulance had been observed by troops picking up and dropping off passengers repeatedly, raising suspicion that it was involved in terror activity, military officials said. The Palestinian driver and his assistant said they were beaten by soldiers. The army denied this, saying that troops only checked the crew and woman to see if they were carrying any weapons or explosives. The army says that ambulances have been used in the past to transport Palestinian terrorists and explosives. Israeli troops conduct raids in Nablus almost nightly to arrest suspected Palestinian terrorists.