IDF kills fugitive during Hebron raid

In the West Bank, one Palestinian fugitive was killed in Tarma, south of Hebron, overnight Tuesday. Soldiers searching a house in the village where the fugitive was believed to be hiding found a pipe bomb and Kalashnikov rifle ammunition clips, but failed to find the fugitive. While searching an adjacent building, an armed Palestinian wearing a helmet and flak jacket was hiding behind a sofa; he aimed his weapon to shoot at the soldiers. The soldiers opened fire, killing the man. They later discovered he was the fugitive they had been searching for. Later, searching in a store owned by the fugitive, soldiers found a handgun, weapon parts, large amounts of ammunition, IDF-issued equipment, knives, and an ax. Elsewhere in the West Bank, security forces arrested six fugitives. Five of the men, affiliated with Hamas, were arrested in Jelazoun, north of Ramallah. One wanted man affiliated with the Fatah Tanzim was arrested in Hizme, southeast of Ramallah.