IDF nabs Jihad terrorist in Ramallah

Soldier lightly wounded in operation; 4 Palestinians killed, 30 wounded.

Wound Palestinian 298.88 (photo credit: Ahmad Gharabli)
Wound Palestinian 298.88
(photo credit: Ahmad Gharabli)
Four Palestinians were killed and 30 were wounded in Ramallah on Wednesday afternoon in an IDF operation to arrest a Palestinian terror operative. The fugitive, Mohammad Suma Shubaki, was head of the Islamic Jihad in Kalkilya. An elite undercover IDF unit came into the town in a car that was subsequently torched. When the troops were confronted by a barrage of bullets, blocks and Molotov cocktails, they responded with gunfire. The fighting took place in Ramallah's central Manara Square. The streets of central Ramallah were deserted except for a few jeeps, as smoke was rising from buildings near the central square in town. Red-colored smoke could be seen in the distance. As the troops began pulling out of the square they were pelted with hundreds more rocks and a mob of people came running into the square chasing the departing jeeps and pelting them with stones. Palestinians then flooded into the streets as someone was carried into an ambulance by a group of people. Early Wednesday morning an Israeli citizen was wounded in the West Bank when a Palestinian hurled a stone at his vehicle. It was also released for publication Wednesday that IDF troops arrested seven Palestinian fugitives throughout the West Bank the previous night.