IDF successfully tests upgraded Patriot missile

Brig.-Gen. Daniel Milo: Successful test means new system operational, can combat relevant threats.

patriot missile 224.88 (photo credit: US Army)
patriot missile 224.88
(photo credit: US Army)
The IDF successfully test-fired a Patriot missile on Tuesday, the military released for publication on Wednesday. The test, which was done in conjunction with the Rafael Armament Development Authority, was held after a number of upgrades were made to the Patriot's systems, and ahead of the integration of a new radar system that will extend the missile defense system's range. During the test, the missile was launched at a target that copied an airplane flying in operational mode. "The successful test will allow us to declare the new system operational, and will enhance our capabilities in face of the relevant threats," head of IAF Air Defenses Brig.-Gen. Daniel Milo said. The IAF is considering buying an improved model of the US-made Patriot missile defense system, called the PAC-3. Israel's missile defense systems consist of the Arrow, which is designed to intercept long-range ballistic missiles like the Iranian Shihab, and the PAC-2, also known as the Patriot, which is used as a second level of defense if the Arrow fails. The PAC-3 is one of the only operational missile defense systems deployed around the world. The US Army received its 500th missile from Lockheed Martin in August. The PAC-3 is believed to be capable of intercepting most of Syria's missiles. It is an improved version of the PAC-2 in terms of coverage and lethality.The PAC-3 has an interceptor missile that uses a hit-to-kill system rather than an exploding warhead used by the PAC-2. The PAC-3 missile is also smaller and its launchers can fire 16 instead of just four like the PAC-2.