Interior Ministry D-G admits involvement in land deals

Gabi Maimon reportedly admits to purchasing five plots of land in Moshav Yad Binyamin intended for former residents of Gush Katif.

Gabi Maimon 311 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Gabi Maimon 311
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Interior Ministry Director-General Gabi Maimon reportedly admitted that he was involved in lands deals in Moshav Yad Binyamin to police investigators, according to Monday morning reports.
Maimon, Interior Minister Eli Yishai's right-hand man, reportedly acknowledged during a police investigation that five plots of land were purchased and then divided between him and his business partner, Ofer Guetta.
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Maimon was arrested last week as a result of a long-term undercover police investigation. According to suspicions, Maimon and Guetta purchased residential plots for a new construction project in Yad Binyamin. The two were not entitled to the property, which was intended for Gush Katif evacuees and Yad Binyamin residents. The property was purchased through the use of strawmen. 
The police reportedly suspect that the actual fraudulent acts were committed by the strawmen who obtained the five parcels of land and then transferred ownership to Maimon and Guetta in return for a fee. The deal was planned in advance, and was assisted and executed by head of the Nahal Sorek regional council.
"It was not illegal, in his investigation Gabi admitted that he acquired the land," Moshe Maimon, Gabi's brother, told Army Radio. "The land was purchased in accordance with the law."
"Perhaps his conduct was not ethical," Maimon's brother added.
Maimon was released a day after he was arrested; however, it was also reported that he was released in return for a confession.
Maimon's attorneys completely denied the reports of his confession.