Israel Electric employees on strike

Company will attend to emergency repairs only; court urges continued talks.

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Electric company employees will be on strike beginning at 7 a.m. Tuesday, the workers announced Monday night. Late Monday, the National Labor Court cancelled an injunction issued by a Haifa court that would have prevented the employees from striking until March 11. The ruling rejected arguments made by the government and Israel Electric that the strike, intended to protest legislation to privatize the organization, was "political." Labor Court President Steve Adler ruled that as the strike was intended to protest pending legislation and would take place before the Knesset voted on said legislation, it was not considered "political" and was legal. While offices will not be open to the public, the court instructed workers to staff an emergency hotline. In addition, a special committee will decide on what, if any, emergency repairs will be made despite the strike. The judges in the case also called on both labor and management to continue talks in an effort to reach a compromise. The strike is scheduled to continue until midnight Wednesday.