Israel issues new India travel warning

Israel issues new warnin

The Counter-Terrorism Bureau at the National Security Council issued a new, more severe warning Thursday against traveling to India. The warning states that there is a concrete threat against places frequented by Israelis and Westerners, specifically mentioning Chabad houses and synagogues across the country, including in Goa. Channel 10 reported that the new warning was based on new intelligence received by Israeli officials indicating that a Global Jihad group had teamed up with the Pakistani terror cell responsible for the 2008 Mumbai massacre and was planning an attack. A Chabad house was one of the targets of the 2008 Mumbai attacks in which 166 people were killed. The Counter-Terrorism Bureau strongly advised Israelis in India to avoid those places if they aren't visibly secured with armed guards. The bureau also issued a separate advisory against visiting the Kashmir region in the north of the country. A similar warning issued in September said a Pakistani terror organization affiliated with al-Qaida and responsible for the attacks in Mumbai was planning to carry out a string of attacks throughout the Indian subcontinent. That warning said that while all Westerners in India were in peril of being targeted, Israelis and places where Israelis usually congregate in large numbers were in more serious danger.