Israel, Lebanon deny continued IAF strikes

The IDF spokeman's office, the Lebanese government, and the Hizbullah denied widespread reports that Israeli warplanes continued striking in Lebanon Tuesday afternoon. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz called a confirmed series of pre-dawn strikes on Tuesday morning the largest-scale Israeli response to cross-border attacks by Lebanese guerrillas since 2000. Mofaz spoke just hours after the army said Israeli fighter jets attacked a command post of Hizbullah guerrillas in south Lebanon and bulldozers entered Lebanon to demolish a Hizbullah post near the village of Ghajar. On Monday, Israeli warplanes struck a number of Hizbullah targets, Israeli security officials said. The Israeli strikes came after the Hizbullah fired mortars and rockets Monday toward the Israeli-Lebanese border, wounding 12 IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians and damaging a house in an Israeli border community. The shelling sent thousands of Israeli civilians into bombshelters. Israeli return fire killed four Hizbullah guerrillas. Mofaz said Israel hit targets that "had not been attacked since the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon," including Hezbollah command, intelligence and communication posts.