Israel satisfied with int'l response

Foreign Ministry calls on Shalit's kidnappers to release him immediately.

un security council 88 g (photo credit: )
un security council 88 g
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Foreign Ministry Dir.-Gen. Aharon Abramovitch called on Cpl. Gilad Shalit's kidnappers to release him immediately and without preconditions. Hamas leaders arrested this week were not intended to serve as bargaining chips in negotiations over Shalit's release, Abramovitch told Israel Radio in an interview. The leaders were arrested in the framework of a criminal investigation, and they would be brought to justice, he said. Abramovitch added that this was the position of Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz. According to the director-general, the world was beginning to understand Israel's position regarding the arrest of the Hamas leaders. The Foreign Ministry held a meeting on Saturday to examine international reaction to IDF operations in the Gaza Strip and the arrest of Hamas leaders. At the conclusion of the meeting, chaired by Abramovitch, the Foreign Ministry expressed satisfaction in the fact that the UN Security Council rejected Palestinian demands that it censure Israel for its operations in Gaza. The Foreign Ministry was also satisfied over responses throughout Europe to the operation, according to Israel Radio.