Israeli Arabs riot over Taiba housing-demolition orders

About 100 men, many of them masked, throw stones at police and burn tires in protest.

A group of some 100 Israeli Arabs, many of them masked, threw stones at police and burned tires in Taiba on Monday to protest a court-ordered demolition of a number of buildings that had been constructed without permits.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said around 40 protesters had donned masked and hurled stones. In an effort to quell the riot, police deployed additional officers in the town to back up those on the ground, and closed off Route 444 near the town.
One policewoman was wounded in the incident and evacuated to the MeirMedical Center in Kfar Saba for treatment. Shortly after the firstround of disturbances, a group gathered around the Taiba Municipalitybuilding and attempted to break in, police said.
“Police arrived on the scene and sealed off the area to prevent an escalation,” Rosenfeld said.
Police were still deployed in Taiba in large numbers on Monday evening, and Route 444 remained closed.