Israeli envoy set for showdown in Egypt

Shalom Cohen summoned to explain Channel 1 report into '67 IDF "massacre."

ben eliezer fuad 88, 298 (photo credit: Israel Foreign Ministry)
ben eliezer fuad 88, 298
(photo credit: Israel Foreign Ministry)
Egypt's Foreign Ministry on Sunday summoned Israel's ambassador to Cairo, Shalom Cohen, to offer his explanation into a Channel 1 report aired last week that claimed an IDF unit killed 250 unarmed Egyptian prisoners of war in 1967. The ministry was responding to demands made earlier in the day by two Egyptian parliament members to remove the Israeli ambassador from Egyptian soil. The MPs had dubbed Cohen a "dog." Over the weekend, Egyptian parliamentarians demanded that the IDF investigate whether the unit had in fact killed the prisoners. The report Ruah Shaked (The Spirit of Shaked), said that the elite Shaked unit, led by National Infrastructures Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer killed the prisoners in the Sinai desert after the fighting had stopped. Ben-Eliezer responded saying that those killed were not Egyptian POWs, but rather Palestinian fedayun (suicide troops paid and trained by Egyptian intelligence) who were killed in battle.