Israeli soccer coach questioned for smuggling

Dror Kashtan suspected i

National soccer team coach Dror Kashtan is under investigation and was questioned Wednesday by the Israel Tax Authority on suspicion of smuggling. Kashtan is suspected of bringing into Israel tens of thousands of shekels worth of cigarettes and alcohol into without paying taxes. This activity was allegedly done repeatedly by the National soccer team coach. The Tax Authority was looking into allegations that the coach smuggled the products into Israel during official trips as head of the Israeli national soccer team. A spokesperson for Kashtan told Channel 2 that that as soon as the coach was stopped, he notified officials that he had goods to declare. On a recent trip, Kashtan was detained at Ben Gurion International airport for failing to declare a number of bottles of alcohol in his possession. This incident caused the Tax Authority to launch the investigation that lead to Wednesday's summoning of the coach for questioning.