Israeli tourists in Chile located

Four hikers lost their way a week ago in Villa Rica National Park; found safe.

chile forest 298 (photo credit: Courtesy of
chile forest 298
(photo credit: Courtesy of
Chilean rescue teams have located four Israeli hikers who had been missing for a week in a snowy mountain region. The Israelis were found not far from their last known location, and were airlifted by helicopter to a more accessible area, where they could undergo medical examinations. Their condition was described as good, but they complained of hunger. The group left to begin a trek in the Villa Rica National Park a week ago. They set out on a well-known trail, despite the fact that it is not officially open for the hiking season. On Wednesday, the Israeli consulate received word that the four had not arrived as planned at their hotel in the city of Fucon, Army Radio reported. Search efforts began on Thursday. Unpredictable weather conditions in the snowy volcanic mountains and the fact that the hikers had reportedly equipped themselves with only three days' worth of food, caused authorities to fear for their safety. The Foreign Ministry said that the trekkers' families were in constant contact with the Israeli Embassy in Chile.
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