Jealous wife likely killed 4-yr.-old boy

Suspect allegedly fought with child's mother since she couldn't have children.

A bereaved father said he believed that one of his wives had murdered the young son of another of his wives due to jealously, after a week-old gag order surrounding the child's murder was lifted Sunday. The 4-year old's body was found last week after searchers combed the streets in the Beduin city of Rahat. The searchers, including Border Police forces and IDF Beduin trackers, also combed the surrounding desert for the small boy, who was last seen alive wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans. But despite their best efforts, the boy was found dead in a dumpster not far from the Rahat house in which he lived during his brief life. Following the discovery of the body, police requested a gag order on the investigation, which was granted. On Sunday, it was revealed that police had arrested a 22-year-old woman who is one of three wives married to the boy's father. The woman, the father said, is not the boy's mother, and the father surmised that the woman was jealous because she was unable to have children. Police suspect that the woman lured the boy into the house by offering him food, and then stabbed him to death. Investigators said Sunday that the woman admitted to the murder, explaining that she had initially hid the body in the washing machine, since she was in charge of doing the laundry that day. Afterwards, when she sensed she was about to be discovered, she wrapped the boy's body in a plastic bag and threw it into the dumpster where it was later discovered. The woman's remand was extended by 12 days in the hopes of allowing police enough time to gather sufficient evidence to deliver an indictment against the suspect.