Judge nixes racist parts of Herut campaign

Kleiner: It's cruelty against a party that has a hard enough time passing its message

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Central Elections Committee chief Justice Dorit Beinisch demanded on Tuesday that the right-wing Herut Party remove portions of their election campaign which she deemed were racist. Beinisch asserted that the line "A good Arab is not a dead Arab - a good Arab sometimes wants to leave," constituted incitement to racism, and ordered its exclusion from the campaign. "This is an unacceptable, racist slogan," she concluded. Herut Chairman Michael Kleiner protested the decision. "I think that this is cruelty against a small party that has a difficult enough time transmitting its message anyway." Earlier in the day, it was revealed that right-wing leader Baruch Marzel's Jewish National Front Party planned on prominently displaying the slain leader of the Kach Party, Rabbi Meir Kahana, in their election campaign, Army Radio reported. In the campaign, Marzel was to promise to continue in Kahana's ways. Kahana's party was outlawed in the 1980s, since its platform called for the deportation of Arabs. Tuesday was the first day of the televised election campaigns.