Karadi slams 'press festival' over Sela's capture

In the wake of escaped serial rapist Benny Sela's capture, Police Insp.-Gen. Moshe Karadi leveled harsh criticism at the media on Sunday night for its coverage of the event, it was reported on Monday. Speaking at Jerusalem's Economic Forum, Karadi denounced the "press festival" that took place at the Nahariya police station after Sela was caught, saying it contained a measure of hypocrisy. The police chief said that being a policeman had not been easy in the last two weeks, and that the police had accepted the criticism it had received over the failures that led to Sela's escape honestly and respectably. Karadi added that it had not been confirmed that Sela hadn't attacked any women during the two weeks he was at large, but said that as yet, no complaints had been filed.