Kiryat Shmona mayor facing indictment

The state prosecutor authorized on Tuesday an indictment of Kiryat Shmona mayor Haim Barbivai for on charges of breach of trust and accepting bribes while running for office. Barbivai joined Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Kadima party last week. A Labor Party spokesman said in response that every day it was becoming "clearer that the random group gathered around Sharon has nothing in common on diplomatic or economic issues. The only thing they share is a defect." "Apparently," the spokesman continued, "when Omri Sharon composed the Kadima list, the condition for acceptance was an indictment." On Monday, Givat Shmuel mayor Zamir Ben-Ari announced that he was quitting Likud and joining Kadima, but would not run for the Knesset. Ben-Ari is under investigation for allegedly accepting bribes.