Labor slogan: 'Fighting terror, beating poverty'

The Labor Party unveiled new campaign slogans Tuesday with a renewed focus on security issues. "Amir Peretz: Fighting terror, beating poverty," will be the main slogan of the campaign, with variations such as, "Fighting terror, beating corruption," and "Fighting the battle on terror, winning the battle for minimum wage." The new slogans will be launched with a 10-second TV spot showing images of marching Palestinian militants, and ending with the slogan and the image of an elderly woman digging through a garbage bin. Previously, Labor had focused all of its campaign on its socioeconomic platform. The new slogans reflect a strategy of refocusing on security issues following Hamas's victory in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections, and the growing public debate surrounding the nuclear program in Iran, said a party spokesman. Labor officials also posed 10 questions that they would like to ask Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The questions ranged from lies that Olmert allegedly told the public, to asking Kadima to clarify its position on the minimum wage. Labor also allocated an additional NIS 7 million to its campaign budget after it learned Monday night that it had run out of funds. "National campaigns have become increasingly expensive," said a party spokesman. "We always expected that we would need to ask for more funds."