Lawyer buried after being stabbed to death

Victim's children saw the attack; TA police investigating possible motives.

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Attorney Anat Pliner, a mother of two, was buried on Tuesday evening after being stabbed to death on her front doorstep less than 24 hours earlier. The assailant knocked on the door, stabbed Pliner in the stomach and then fled. Although she was alive when the ambulance arrived at her house, she died on her way to hospital, police said. A gag order has been placed on the investigation, although a police spokeswoman said they were still unsure of the motive for the attack on Pliner, who was a real-estate lawyer. Her children - a girl of 12 and a boy of 10 - have gone to stay with their father, who had separated from Pliner but lives in the region. Neighbor Nun Himmelman described Pliner as a "very vibrant and very happy" person with many friends, adding that she didn't believe that the lawyer had been threatened because of her work. "The opposite was a true. She was very satisfied from her work," Himmelman told Channel 2. "Her former husband, her boyfriend and I don't know about anything." Himmelman described how the neighbors didn't believe that Pliner's screams had been made by somebody who had been attacked. "It seems the neighbors heard her screaming. They said it was like the howling of a dog, but they didn't believe that it came from the throat of a human. They returned indoors," said Himmelman, who accompanied Pliner to hospital. "I spoke to her in the ambulance but she didn't answer. The doctor said she was anesthetized. I understood from the discussion between the doctor and the driver that they were losing her," she said.