Lecturers to expand 'warning strikes'

Forum of Junior Lecturers: Bar Ilan, TAU classes suspended from 12-2 pm Tues.; HU from 12-2 Wed.

hebrew university 224.88 (photo credit: Hebrew University )
hebrew university 224.88
(photo credit: Hebrew University )
The Forum of Junior Lecturers announced on Monday that its members will stage a partial strike in universities across the country starting Tuesday, a spokesman for the forum said. "The heads of the universities, as of now, have refused to make any obligations as far as a time-span for implementing the agreements," said Shai Melcer, vice chairman of the coordinating forum for university junior staff. "They've been rather emphatic about that, and in our opinion, too emphatic, so we feel me have to make a statement." Beginning at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, the junior staff will suspend classes from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. On Wednesday, forum members will halt classes at Hebrew University in Jerusalem from 12pm to 2 p.m. as well and on Thursday, junior lecturers will halt classes at Haifa's Technion University from the same times. "This is a very cool statement," Melcer continued. "We're not going into a full strike. We're using the two hour periods to hold meetings in which we'll discuss what's going on. Faculty and students are invited, and in order for them to come, we're stopping classes during that time period. It's common tactic in worker's groups." Junior lecturers are employed as external staff. They receive an hourly wage, and are only paid for eight months a year. They have no pension plan or social or academic benefits, such as eligibility for sabbaticals. While negotiations over the summer were supposed to take care of those issues, junior lecturers say the provisions laid out in those talks have yet to take shape.