Majadle: The Golan is not ours. It is Syrian land, captured in 1967

"The Golan Heights belong to Syria. It was conquered in 1967," Culture, Science and Sports Minister Ghaleb Majadle said Sunday at the weekly cabinet meeting. "The fathers of the nation also said that they conquered the territory in order to negotiate with the Arabs," Majadle said, adding "we have a clear-headed prime minister who understands that peace with the Syrians is very important." "Is the Golan ours? It is Syrian land. What is preferable? Wars with the Golan or peace without the Golan? The former chief of staff [Lt. Gen. (res.) Dan Halutz] already answered this. Anyone who hears this understands we have a common interest. "Negotiations with the Syrians began several months ago and it is inappropriate to turn anything into a spin. I suggest [people] put [their] faith in the prime minister, that he really intends to achieve peace," Majadle said.