Man gets 3.5 yrs. in prison for attempted rape

The Tel Aviv District Court on Sunday morning sentenced a man to three and a half years in prison for attempting to rape a foreign worker from Ecuador. David Ben-Ami, who admitted to the charges as part of a plea bargain, was also ordered to pay the woman NIS 60,000 in compensation. The plea bargain erased the other charges of threats, indecent acts, and an additional count of rape. The court acquiesced to Ben-Ami's lawyer's request to delay the punishment, and ruled that he would begin serving his sentence on August 1. According to the charge sheet, Ben-Ami approached the woman, who lived with his elderly mother, last October, whispered, "You've bewitched me," and then tried to rape her after she went to bed, despite her vehement protests. The judges claimed in the verdict that Ben-Ami had attacked her by force, and that only her resistance had saved her from rape. According to the judges, the defendant "chose as a victim to satisfy his urges a foreign worker, who belongs to a minority group in society and is thousands of miles from her home and family, and who has no protection."