Man killed in Eilat jewelry store heist

Another man critically wounded; Teen fatally stabbed in Be'er Ya'acov; man wounded in Jaffa shooting.

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A man was killed and another was critically wounded on Wednesday night during a robbery in an Eilat jewelry store. Police said that during a deal between the jewelry store's owner and a jewelry agent, an armed robber entered the store, threatening the two and demanding the money and the merchandise. When the jewelry store's owner refused the bandit's demands, the robber shot him from point blank range and tried to escape. The jewelry agent tried to block his way and he was shot dead in the ensuing scuffle. The robbers and an accomplice sped away from the scene on a moped, which was later found burned. Jewelry from the store and a bag belonging to the dead agent, a 39-year-old Jerusalem resident, was stolen, police said. Police said the wounded man, a 40-year-old from Eilat, was evacuated to the town's Yoseftal Hospital. All the exits out of the southern town were blocked in the hunt for the two bandits. Also Wednesday night, in the town of Be'er Ya'acov, a 19-year-old was fatally stabbed in a brawl at the local commercial center. He was critically wounded and died in hospital. The attacker was arrested shortly afterwards, and confessed to the stabbing. Police say the background to the brawl was a feud between two groups of youths. Meanwhile, in Jaffa, a man sitting in a coffee shop was shot and slightly wounded. The man had a criminal background, police said. In another incident in Netanya, a drunken teenager attempted to stab a security guard who tried to evict him from a cab he was occupying despite having no money to pay the fare. The teen was arrested at the scene.